At Congregational we are committed to delivering exemplary service and maintaining strong relationships with all our customers. This area is dedicated to policyholders and provides general information relating to your policy.

If you have a query which is not covered by the details given in this section or you need information specifically relating to your policy, please contact your broker or intermediary in the first instance. Alternatively call the church department on 01274 700 700 or email church@congregational.co.uk.

Policyholder responsibilities

Is your policy up to date?

To enable us to keep in contact with you and keep your policy up to date it is important to let us know of changes to your circumstances or contact details.

Some examples of information we require include:

  • Contact name;

  • Correspondence address;

  • Email addresses;

  • If part or all of the building(s) become unoccupied or used irregularly;

  • Additional church projects or activities are introduced;

  • Any change in use of the premises;

  • Structural repair work to the buildings;

  • Changes to the security, heating methods or building construction;

  • Solar panels are installed.

Take the opportunity to check that your insurance policy reflects your needs. It is wise to regularly check your sums insured – have you acquired any new equipment for instance or had any improvements made to the buildings?

Contact the church department if any changes are needed. For full details of cover, please see your policy document.

Maintenance of buildings

We know that maintenance of your buildings can be a costly and time-consuming activity for those involved in the management of premises. Sometimes we receive claims where damage has occurred over a long period of time or where buildings have been allowed to deteriorate. It is important to be aware that it is unlikely that your insurance policy will provide any cover for damage arising from normal maintenance problems and will normally exclude damage by any gradual operating cause. You must take all reasonable precautions to protect and maintain insured property and prevent injury to other persons or to their property.

Guidance on maintaining buildings may be found on our safer places of worship website www.spow.co.uk

Insurance Documents
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