Spotlight on theft

01 November 2016

Theft of stone prevention

Over the past 12 months we have seen an increase in the number of claims related to the theft of stone. This type of theft has become more prolific over the past few years as the demand for specialist stone has grown, and we encourage you to take measures to help protect your church from being targeted. Many church buildings are only open on a few days throughout the week and become easy targets. It is worth enlisting neighbours to become the eyes and ears of the church and report suspicious behaviour or unusual activity.

For more guidance on securing your church grounds visit


Check your oil

In recent months the number of instances of theft of oil has increased. If your church heating is powered by oil, it is important to monitor the level of oil in the tank regularly. All too often the first indication that a theft has taken place is when the heating is put back on in the autumn months.

Please visit the theft prevention page on the safer places of worship website for more information on reducing your risk of theft of oil.