New policy wording, enhanced benefits

01 November 2016

The church choice policy wording has been updated. The latest version is effective from your renewal date (after 1 July 2016) and a new policy booklet will be sent with your renewal invitation. 

The new wording has been reviewed in line with the Insurance Act 2015 and some enhancements have been introduced.

Benefits include:

  • The standard excess, previously £50, has been reduced to nil;
  • The definition of buildings cover has been extended;
  • Increased limits in section 1 property damage;
  • Introduction of tracing and accessing leaks;
  • Increased loss of income limit;
  • Extension of age range for personal accident cover.
  • Plus, many more…

A notice will be sent to you with full details of all changes with your renewal.

We are currently reviewing our manse and business policy. Your broker or the church department will keep you up to date with any future developments.