Narborough Congregational Church receives national award

13 May 2014

NCC Foodbank, a scheme established by Narborough Congregational Church that helps local people in need, has been presented with a prestigious national 'Faith in Action' award.

The project, based at Narborough Congregational Church, was launched in October 2013 to provide help and support for isolated members of the community regardless of their faith.

The scheme, which relies solely on donations, was created following indications that the absence of a local food bank could result in some members of the local community going hungry. With the support from local agencies, volunteers came together to create food hampers and deliver them to those in need including those unable to leave their homes to collect supplies due to financial, travel or family situations.

Donations of food or cash to the NCC Foodbank are encouraged and there have been several fundraising activities organised by the wider community. The Foodbank provides a completely inclusive and rewarding experience for all; younger members of the church have pitched in by wrapping Christmas gifts, while other volunteers donate food and help with distribution.

The NCC Foodbank co-ordinator, Katie Johnson, recently attended the Congregational Federation Assembly in Bristol to receive the award and £2,000 prize money on behalf of the project.

She said: "We're so grateful to be chosen as a Faith in Action award winner, we hope to use the money to increase the amount of help we can offer. The Foodbank is an important emergency service to local families in need, and the more members of the community that are backing the scheme, the better. It would be fantastic to see more volunteers at the NCC Foodbank."

"We're also hoping to raise our profile among referral agencies in the local area, so that we can add to the number of local organisations that are already supporting us. In addition to providing food to those that need it, many of our volunteers tell us that they are making a positive contribution; we're thrilled to be such an important part of the community on so many levels."

Margaret Slater, Marketing Manager at Congregational and General Insurance, said: "NCC Foodbank is such a worthwhile award winner and we're delighted to present this prize."

"This project offers a vital service for a number of members of the local community who might otherwise go without. It's inspiring to see the church getting involved, not only does the Foodbank provide food they also work with referral agencies to help those people going forward and there's always an invitation to visit the church - irrespective of faith or belief."