Firework displays

01 November 2016

If your church is planning to organise a firework display this year, it is important to ensure safety is paramount.

A number of safety guidelines are available on our safer places of worship website and we urge churches to review these and follow procedures before, during and after the event.

Pre-event, organisers should consider a number of different elements, such as checking the venue is big enough to allow safe dispersal of fireworks and the exits are clearly signposted and free from obstruction. Ensure enough stewards and marshals are appointed to oversee the event, confirming they understand what they are to do on the night and designated responsibilities in the event of an emergency.

If you are planning a bonfire or fireworks display for more than 250 people or it is a jointly managed event, please contact your broker or the church department on 01274 700 700.

Further guidance and precautions are detailed under ‘church activities’ of our safer places of worship website: