Ensure a Safe and Enjoyable Summer in Church Grounds

30 June 2016

Safer Places of Worship website offers advice on keeping a safe and secure church through the summer months. As the days become longer and we look forward to spending more time outdoors, Congregational is offering guidance to help churches ensure events held during the summer months are safe for all involved, and that buildings are kept secure as the days become warmer.

Many communities enjoy church-run BBQs and fetes during the warm weather, however event organisers must consider a number of factors when putting on such events. This includes food hygiene guidelines provided by the Food Standards Agency when preparing food to sell or give to visitors. For example, dry goods should be stored at least 460mm clear of the floor, and food cooked to a centre temperature of 70°C.

Similarly, consideration must be given to summertime activities for children – for example if bouncy castles and face-painting are being provided, organisers should ensure appropriate public liability insurance is acquired, risk assessments are undertaken and the church’s child protection policy is adhered to.

Julia Shaw, Church Business Manager, said: “The summer can be one of the most enjoyable times of the year for churches and their local communities. However, as with every season, the changing weather, longer days and outdoor events can pose unique problems for those responsible for the church buildings.

“We’ve created the Safer Places of Worship website to be used as a resource when preparing for events, as well as general safety information and guidance to help maintain the church. We hope that the site helps even more members of the local community to safely participate in local activities as we move into longer days and to warmer weather.”

Further information on keeping your church and community safe during the summer months can be found on Safer Places of Worship: www.spow.co.uk